Wood Recycling

Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd has always recycled wood that has come into our recycling centers which was either segregated at source or mixed in a skip.  This wood used to be sent onto third party wood processors.
Towards the end of 2015 Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd decided to develop a wood processing line themselves.  This line comprises of:

  • Powercreen 1800 Primary Shredder with overband magnet
  • Doppstadt AK530 High Speed Shredder with overband magnet
  • Eriez Eddy Currant Separator with rare earth drum magnet
  • Sandvik QE341 screener on tracks with 3 way split

This has enable the company to shred wood waste down into various sizes and supply the following products:

  • Animal Bedding
  • Arena Surfacing
  • Biomass
  • Wood for wood board manufacturing

Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd have invested heavily in the wood processing operation.  With this investment we are able to turn waste wood into a final product to the specification of the end user.

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