Recycling Services

Our state-of-the-art, award-winning, recycling facility in Musselburgh diverts over 97% of the commercial and construction waste it processes.

Materials we recycle include:

Clean recycled aggregate (6F5 or Type )

sold back to the construction industry providing closed loop recycling

Recycled Grade

A wood chip used by panel board manufacturers to again provide a closed loop recycling

Recycled mixed grade wood chip

Used by WID compliant biomass boilers to produce sustainable heat and electricity


Scotland’s first turnkey plasterboard recycling plant and still the only facility that produces gypsum to PAS 109 standards


100,000 tonnes per annum recycling plant recovering steel, foam and polyester with 100% diversion from landfill and full traceability of all recycled materials after deconstruction.

Cable granulation plant

Producing clean copper and PVC granules for reuse

Cardboard and paper

Sorted into grades and baled for reprocessing

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals


we employ a range of plastic recovery and processing techniques providing quality material to UK processors

Green & Food waste

Used for compost and sustainable energy via Anaerobic Digestion

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