Hamilton Waste Sectors

We help customers from a wide range of sectors to:

  • Reduce the amount of waste they produce and associated costs
  • Support the development of the Circular Economy through increased reuse and recycling
  • Contribute to the generation of sustainable energy where recycling is not possible
  • Eliminate waste to landfill
  • Meet their environmental and sustainability targets
  • Strengthen their environmental brand credentials
  • Ensure compliance with Waste (Scotland) Regulations

Some of the sectors we service include:

Retail icon


Retail sales in Scotland total £26.88 billion a year, which equates to 20 percent of Scottish GDP. Years of experience in servicing the Scottish retail sector has enabled us to develop a deep understanding of their operating environment and the pressures they face. Consumers are increasingly environmentally aware and expect retailers to de doing all they can to minimise their environmental impact. At the same time the high street faces huge cost and pricing pressure form online retailers. From clothing to technology or grocery we work closely with our retail customers to develop a service that enables them to minimise costs and while maximising their environmental performance.

Our partnership approach also enables us to support our retail customers in meeting their own environmental targets and sustainability objectives.

Retail services we provide include:

  • Packaging waste
  • Plastic packaging
  • Cardboard
  • Food waste
  • General Waste
Hospitality & Leisure icon

Hospitality & Leisure

Scotland boasts one of the most exciting and vibrant tourism and hospitality sectors found anywhere in the world. Scottish businesses produce around 740,000 tonnes of food and drink waste every year. From high end restaurants and hotels to local coffee shops and fast-food outlets we help customers to minimise the amount of waste they produce. When waste is generated we will ensure that we provide the most environmentally sustainable and cost effective means of collecting and processing this material avoiding sending waste to landfill wherever possible.

Waste Processing icon

Waste Processing

Our award-winning waste recycling facility in Musselburgh processes a wide range of third party inputs from waste management companies and local authorities.

Construction icon


The construction sectors accounts for around 50% of all the waste produced in Scotland. Whilst this is a significant proportion the good news is that construction waste is also generally highly recyclable. A combination of onsite recycling services and access to our award winning materials recycling facility enables our construction customers to divert well over 90% of the waste they produce from landfill. This ensures these valuable resources can be reused and implemented into more sustainable supply chains for the future.

We regularly advise on the development of ‘Site Waste Management Plans’ and work with construction customers to ‘design out waste’. Generating less waste reduces the cost of materials and increases skip and waste collection capacity.

Rapid turnaround times and out of hours servicing ensures our customers always have waste capacity on site and this never becomes a restraining factor on their operations.

We provide a range of construction waste collection services for materials including:

  • Insulation & asbestos
  • Concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics
  • Plasterboard
  • Wood waste
  • Glass and plastic waste
  • Metals
  • Soils & contaminated soils
  • Paints, varnishes and adhesives
  • Onsite personnel and management
Events icon


We provide waste and recycling services for a number of high-profile events at both indoor and outdoor venues. This includes the Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF) which 35,000 people running in 8 races across two days. Our partnership approach ensured that none of the waste produced at this 1event was sent to landfill.

Event waste management services include:

  • General waste
  • Food waste
  • Food packaging waste
  • Plastic bottles and cups
  • Paper & cardboard waste
  • Onsite personnel and management

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