Recycled Aggregate

RecycledAggregateHamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd pride themselves on  producing a high quality recycled, certified aggregate that is sold back to building sites for road construction or general fill.

Heavy mixed waste from building sites makes up the vast majority of construction & demolition waste and this material has a high aggregate content that can be recycled.  It is essential to divert as much of this waste from landfill to reduce the overall impact on the environment.  To achieve this there has to be an efficient separation and recovery of recyclable materials from this waste stream. Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd has designed sophisticated recycling techniques which removes contaminants and this results in a high quality recycled aggregate which has many useful applications.

Heavy mixed waste is screened and sized before being passed through a sophisticated process of material separation. By using various equipment such as vibrating screens, magnets, water & air separation we are able to extract as much reusable materials from the initial waste as possible.  From an average load of mixed construction and demolition waste we can produce high quality 6F5 aggregate, which is certified for use on roads and highways, as well as removing all wood, metal and cable which are also further processed and fully recycled.