Plasterboard Recycling in Scotland

Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd  have established the first and only “turn-key” plasterboard recycling facility in Scotland.The plant opened in March 2010 and has proved a great success in diverting waste plasterboard from landfill.

Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd take in and recycle between 50 – 100 Tonnes of waste plasterboard per week across the central belt of Scotland.  Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd designed a sophisticated system which incorporates screens, shredders, a magnet and air separation to create a  pure gypsum powder, free of any contaminants.

SEPA have fully approved the recycled gypsum as it certified to PAS 109 standards, which means that it is no longer considered a waste material. The gypsum material is  sold on to the agricultural industry as a soil conditioner. The high calcium & sulphur content mean that is ideally suited for both this use.

Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd are proud to have the only plasterboard recycling plant in Scotland. This is testament to the commitment that the company has towards recycling.