Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd Environmental Policy

pdf-logoHamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd recognises that the activities of a landfill site and recycling station will have an impact on the environment. This may be through the consumption of raw materials and energy, distribution of products and services, and emissions to air, land, and water. To minimise this impact to as low as reasonably achievable Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd recognises that environmental protection and prevention of pollution is integral to business operations.

We strive to conduct our activities in a manner designed to eliminate or minimize releases to air, land and water utilising, where viable, materials and products from sustainable sources and adopting waste minimization techniques and good house-keeping practices to ensure the most efficient use of non-sustainable resources. Specifically, we will set environmental improvement objectives and targets in relation to water, waste, energy and our use of suppliers & contractors.

We are constantly developing, implementing and maintaining effective management systems to ensure continual improvement in the Company’s performance using regular audits and management reviews together with monitoring environmental legislation, regulations and Codes of Practice that are relevant to the Company’s operations at the same time endeavouring to ensure compliance to legal requirements.

No matter how diligent we are in adhering to the above programme, there is an element of waste only suitable for landfill. The landfill site, based in East Lothian, is also managed to the same high standards as the waste and recycling plant and, through progressive restoration, is being returned to agricultural production ensuring minimum impact on the environment.