environmentHamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd are very conscientious of their recycling and operational activities and their effect these have on the environment. This may be through monitoring and managing both; our vehicle movements that result in reducing the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions, as well as the consumption of raw materials, energy and the emissions to air, land and water.  To minimise this impact on the environment Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd have implemented and are accredited to the ISO14001 Environmental Management System which monitors the consumption of raw material and effectively reduces, re-uses and recycles all waste as much as is reasonably practical.  Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd has ensured that environmental protection and the prevention of pollution has become an integral part of our day to day business operations.

We strive to conduct our recycling activities in a manner designed to eliminate or minimize the impact on the environment. We utilise, where viable, materials and products from sustainable sources and have adopted waste minimization techniques and good house-keeping practices to ensure the most efficient use of non-sustainable resources.  Specifically, we set ourselves environmental objectives and targets in relation to water, waste and energy as well as our use of suppliers and contractors.

We are constantly developing, implementing and maintaining effective management and recycling systems to ensure the continual improvement of the Company’s environmental performance by using regular audits and management reviews together with adhering to environmental legislation, regulations and Codes of Practice in line with SEPA requirements.

As stated above Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd are accredited to the ISO 14001 environmental management system standards and are also accredited to ISO 9001 quality management system.